FEG Eyelash Enhancer & Eyelash Growth Treatment Serum

100% Original Eyelash Growth Treatment Serum Natural Herbal Medicine Eye Lashes Mascara Lengthening Longer

  • Benefit: Nutritious
  • Benefit: Lengthening
  • Benefit: Moisturizer
  • Benefit: Thick
  • Benefit: Curling
  • NET WT: 3ml
  • Size: Full Size
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: China
  • Certification: GZZZ
  • Type: Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • Certificate Number: 646244
  • Model Number: 2024044 Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • NET WT: 3ml Eyelash Growth Serum
  • Ingredient: Eyelash Growth Serum
  • Weight: 20g Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • Color: Transparent Eyelash Growth Treatment
  • Smell: None Odor Eyelash Enhancer
  • Function: Lash Serum Make Eyelash Grow Naturally
  • Storage: Store FEG Wimper Serum at Celsius 2 to 25
  • Shelf Life: 3 Years Eyelash Growth Serum

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Product Details

FEG Eyelash Growth Serum Medicine Treatment Eyelash Extension Enhancer Eyebrow Growth Mascara Lashes Extension Growth Serum


Apply nightly directly to the skin of the upper eyelid margin at the base of the eyelashes.Using the Brush ,blot any excess         solution beyond the eyelid margin.



FEG is for increasing the growth including length,thickness and darkness of natural eyelashes.


   We have 3 kinds Growth Treatment Enhancer. 2 Kinds Eyelash Growth Enhancer ; 1 Kinds Eyebrow Growth Enhancer.


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Sky Blue

Does FEG eyelash serum really work?
FEG boasts a 98.3% success rate, with the average growth of the eyelashes being 56%, based on 'independent studies
Is FEG eyelash enhancer good?
It really works! lost my eyelashes (along with my hair) from cancer. The FEG eyelash growth serum has worked well for me. My eyelashes are longer and darker and they look fantastic!
Is FEG eyelash enhancer FDA approved?
FDA Approved - Clinically tested, Allergy tested & Dermatologically tested and approved.